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Start your career in strategic consulting with Bainbridge, ranked America’s top Management Consulting firm, seven years running. We are true disruptors and career accelerators.

An entrepreneurial environment of learning

A career at Bainbridge offers the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in. Dynamic, collegial environment surrounded by talented teammates. At Bainbridge, you are continually challenged to develop new skills and elevate your work product with the guidance of experienced leadership. Our people are our greatest resource, and we take pride in building a culture of Meritocracy, offering extensive customized opportunities for professional growth at Bainbridge and beyond.

A Career Accelerator

Do you value practical business experience?

From your first day on-the-job at Bainbridge, you’re immediately a critical part of a team responsible for mobilizing clients to solve their toughest problems, from customer growth issues, product pricing, entering a market, or evaluating a competitor, to investing in a new
technology or solving production challenges – your work involves a lot of complexity and change.

At an early stage of your career, you can gain practical business experience and valuable training through in-depth exposure to a variety of industries. The diversity of projects at Bainbridge deliver unique learning opportunities and the chance to make an impact across the client’s organization well after the engagement’s completion. This sets up a strong foundation for success in a multitude of career paths going forward, empowering our team with transferable skill-set that enables them to thrive regardless of the industry they pursue.

Knowledge Development & Training

Is learning one of your core competencies?

Knowledge development is key to employee satisfaction initiatives at Bainbridge. We offer challenging client work in a variety of industries, enabling our employees to research and learn the business of a continually evolving list of companies with the freedom to become specialists in different markets. After projects are complete, analysts often deliver presentations on research methodologies and domain specific learnings to teams in order to share knowledge, provide best practices pointers, and foster the growth of capable leaders.

Additionally, our Managers work with each employee to complete a Professional Development Plan outlining his/her professional goals with respect to Bainbridge as well as to his/her overall career path. Bainbridge employees frequently reevaluate their Professional Development Plans to ensure that goal timelines are met and overall employment satisfaction criteria are exceeded.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Do you value the insights from a global team of your peers?

A single project typically requires collaboration between three or more Analysts in addition to a team of global, in-house researchers. The project team frequently use each other as sounding boards to derive the most astute conclusions and recommendations for a client. As a knowledge development firm, teams often collaborate in brainstorming sessions, along with senior project leads and management, to build out client recommendations and solutions. Our team is our most valuable asset.

The power and encouragement to make high-impact decisions validates each employee’s valued role at Bainbridge and instills a sense of pride and ownership in the company.


Are you looking for one-on-one career development? ​

Bainbridge is a highly collaborative environment. We pride ourselves on continued learning and make it a point to constantly help our team grow. You will never go unnoticed, or purely work behind the scenes at Bainbridge, we want to spotlight you. In order to help you develop your client facing persona, and your ability to work across a multitude of engagements, you will be shadowing Bainbridge professionals from day one. With our extensive business model, you won’t just learn from one set of our executive team, but all four. From Capital Advisory and Consulting to Investments and more, Bainbridge offers a wealth of learning and experience, across more than 40 industries and subvertical, all with different business and strategic needs. ​

Bainbridge has become highly functional, even in our increasingly digitally collaborative work environment. Internally and externally, Bainbridge has had extensive experience leading organizations integrating online, and how that affects recruiting and mentorship. We focus on training you to become the next generation of strategic advisors and stand by our organizational commitment to mentorship and career acceleration.

We have used digital to our advantage. Bainbridge has leveraged its own digital platforms to fuel a new means to create conducive one-on-one career development. Your time at Bainbridge will involve extensive one-on-one mentoring with our department experts and will also include access to the wealth of our knowledge and the knowledge of our team. The minute you join Bainbridge you become a member of a team, and your growth becomes our priority.


Do you want to be able to personally invest in your organization’s values?

At Bainbridge we value communication, transparency, alignment, and trust. We understand that our clients are experts in their respective industries, and we support their initiatives to the greatest extent. As an extension of our client’s team, we are invested in client success and are driven by results, delivering regular updates throughout project engagements to share what we have learned and solicit feedback to hone our research. Our consistent communication ensures clients can relay key findings to internal stakeholders and act on incoming data at high velocity.

Throughout, Bainbridge maintains strict client confidentiality in all our research. Interviews and data collection are conducted following the highest ethical standards and in full legal compliance. All information gained is completely proprietary to your company and is never shared or resold. When we have completed our research and analysis, we will present our findings and strategic recommendations to you in a clear, concise report designed to facilitate swift action on newly revealed opportunities.


Are you looking for ongoing career acceleration?

Bainbridge strives to be both an employer and research partner of choice. We have achieved a high level of employee and client satisfaction through our Internal Excellence Initiative (IEI), which includes ongoing employee training, employee satisfaction surveys, client satisfaction surveys, and bi-weekly roundtable discussions.

Our employees are characterized by their diverse backgrounds, sense of teamwork and camaraderie, pursuit of knowledge development, and desire for new challenges. Stemming from the dedicated practices of our management and employees, Bainbridge permeates a culture of excellence and commitment to each of its employees and clients, illustrating why employees truly want to work for Bainbridge.


Even digitally, do you value collaborating with a global and diverse team?

Bainbridge employees speak, read, and write a variety of languages including English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, German, and French. Unlike other companies that focus on one product or industry, the Bainbridge team has diverse industry experience, making us qualified to represent nearly every major industry.

Our team members have academic experience in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, International Relations, Political Science, Communications, Advertising, Sociology, Materials Engineering, and Computer Science, to name a few undergraduate and graduate degrees. Professional backgrounds include entrepreneurs, non-profit organization consultants, financial analysts, sales associates, graphic designers, journalists, and engineers.

Alumni Success

Are you looking for true career acceleration?

Our alumni are in senior positions at some of the largest organizations worldwide, including Apple, IBM, Google, Becton Dickinson, Chevron, Anheuseur-Busch, and the US Government. Your time here could also translate into launching your own successful business, stepping into a role at a top tech company, joining a private equity firm or making a meaningful impact at a non-profit.

Lets see what we can do together.