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Customer Intelligence

Bainbridge data anticipates changes in consumer needs and preferences by providing greater understanding of customer purchase criteria, price sensitivity, and location-specific environmental factors impacting the market.

Customer Account Vulnerability Assessment (CAVA)


of your products & services from key decision makers in your targeted customer base


of your products & services from key decision makers in your targeted customer base


on price sensitivities,
product & service needs, & vendor selection criteria


on price structure, functionality, sales, account vulnerability, & service features

The CAVA Process


15-minute Discovery Call

Contact the Bainbridge Strategy team to learn more about CAVA and how it can benefit your company


Sign CAVA Project Contract

Agree to CAVA project scope, objectives, timeline and pricing


Kick-off Call

Conduct a call with Bainbridge Analyst team to further explore assignment and gain a finer understanding of research objectives


Primary and Secondary Research

Bainbridge Analyst team will gather data and insights from key decision-makers in order to uncover the tactics and behavior of targeted companies and customer segments and give scheduled deliverables


Data Synthesis and Analysis

Bainbridge Analyst team will analyze and cross-verify all gathered information to deliver actionable strategic recommendations and give scheduled deliverables


Report and Final Presentation

Bainbridge will deliver a final analysis document and conduct a dynamic strategic brainstorming session with key executives

Customers Have More Power Than Ever Before

With the immediate access to information and the ability to force change with the click of a button, customer intelligence is no longer optional, but crucial to the success of any organization.

The transition to customer-centric business models is not an easy transformation, but a necessary one, especially as technology continues to change customer experiences and engagement. With customers becoming more empowered to offer feedback, do research and join the conversation, a higher level of trust and increased transparency from your organization is more crucial than ever. 

Trust and transparency within primary-source research are the metrics Bainbridge uses to initiate the conversation to implement its cutting-edge customer intelligence services, to provide you with the real-time and direct market and customer intelligence you need to succeed.

CMO Agenda

CMOs face a world of constant evolution, uncertainty, and innovation. Bainbridge helps CMOs to analyze and apply data, establishing a foundation for sustainable growth.

Customer Insights

To create value propositions and experiences that resonate with customers, companies must understand them, and turn that insight into competitive advantage. Bainbridge helps clients prioritize the data that matters most, so they can identify customer pain points, optimize pricing and promotion strategies, and more.

Digital Marketing

New digital channels have precipitated dramatic changes in consumer behaviors and expectations. Through a digital transformation of their marketing functions, Bainbridge helps businesses anticipate consumer needs and respond better.


Bainbridge’s proprietary personalization program creates a self-reinforcing cycle of truly 1:1 customer experiences and deepening brand engagement, delivering value for both customers and the business. By reshaping the way companies operate, Bainbridge helps enable unprecedented cross-organizational collaboration.

Marketing Function Excellence

Marketing organizations are expected to respond quickly to changing conditions, and the job of marketers has grown more complex. Bainbridge helps organizations invest in marketing functions with a mindset of rapid, continuous improvement to stay ahead of the competition.

Digital Sales

Balancing go-to-market innovations with traditional sales-force levers is key to getting digital sales right. Bainbridge helps clients improve the effectiveness of their sales strategy by adopting new trends in data-driven selling, digitization, and sales channels.


Now more than ever, customers are living, playing, working, shopping, and buying online. Bainbridge brings together marketing and sales strategy, design and architecture, data and personalization, and execution to deliver excellence—and value—in eCommerce.

Sales Channel Strategy

Customers are rapidly shifting how they learn about—and buy—products and offerings. Bainbridge helps transform companies’ GTM approach by integrating the tools and data and analytics that direct sales activity into their marketing and sales strategy.

Pricing and Revenue Management

Pricing is a potent lever for maximizing revenues. But pricing unleashes its full power only when companies take it to the next level. Bainbridge experts help clients build a robust internal pricing organization—a core part of our work—because pricing needs to be a core part of yours.

Revenue Operations

Centralizing operations teams from marketing, sales, and customer success has emerged as a high-impact way to accelerate revenue growth and go-to-market operations efficiency. Bainbridge helps its clients organize their GTM operations in a meaningful way.

Communication Across All Levels

Ongoing communication with customers, investors, internal and external key stakeholders is crucial, especially in the face of geo-political, environmental, and cultural challenges. From regulatory and reputation discrepancies to the ability to capture opportunities like, new users/customers or a larger market share, the ability to not only understand the marketplace but to communicate with it, becomes the driving factor.

Bainbridge utilizes a series of systems to communicate directly with the marketplace. From our proprietary Omni-Channel marketing engine and data sourcing capabilities to a team of globally sourced analysts, incentivized to cultivate relationships and learn deep-rooted market insights, Bainbridge emphasizes cross-functionality of services and teams.

Bainbridge Emphasizes Customer-Centric Strategy

Transitioning toward this customer-centric business model means treating every customer as an individual with unique wants, needs, dreams and goals. To improve service productivity, your organization’s customized service strategy will include an optimal cost structure that blends digital, innovation, and right-sourcing and consolidation. When thoroughly implemented, this strategy increases the revenue from sales to services and increases customer and employee satisfaction.

Customer Specific Primary-Research

Bainbridge provides customer-specific intelligence, backed by its team of MIT-trained and globally sourced analysts. We review and reinvent approaches to purchasing criteria, budgets, critical needs, customer satisfaction ratings, positioning, and other business planning objectives.

Customer Account Vulnerability Assessment (CAVA)

Bainbridge is a leader in primary-source research that applies investigative journalism methodology to get a pulse on your market. Target companies are identified & key decision makers are contacted for a highly conversational one-on-one interview approach. We then create our proprietary Customer Account Vulnerability Assessment (CAVA™) profile, for each target organization, including specific market trends and data through the customer intelligence. Bainbridge helps you to utilize those insights to prioritize marketing and sales efforts, positioning, pricing, and all factors surrounding your product or service. CAVA will help you to understand losses in customer retention, further retain key accounts, and ultimately win new customers and expand market share.

CAVA™: Parameters

Customer Opinions

of your products & services from key decision makers in your targeted customer base.

Satisfaction Ratings

of competing products and services throughout the competitive landscape.

Quantifiable Intelligence

on price sensitives, products & service needs & vendor selection criteria.

Competitor Positioning

on price structure, functionality, sales, account vulnerability, & service features.