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Data & Analytics

Bainbridge utilizes innovative machine learning capabilities to transform unstructured web data, into clean, centralized company and contact information across the breadth of your industry.

We aggregate the data you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Bainbridge uses data analytics to support the agile methodology that it applies to all of the services and business endeavors, internally and externally. It is not enough to collect the data; the pivotal moment is when data understanding meets reimagined execution based off analytics. Bainbridge hosts a team of dedicated Data Scientists who specialize in transformative technology strategy and implementation across full stack data development. We prioritize business intelligence, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data visualization and other forms of data mastery to create custom solutions to help our partners put their data to use.

Strategic Transformation Through Data

Bainbridge uncovers key metrics from hard data, improving process efficiencies, reducing time to delivery, and achieving a higher level of accuracy and efficiency.

We perform an initial data and technology sweep, regarding analytic and execution needs. Then, our internal data team integrates end-to-end implementation into our partners’ businesses. We also manage post-engagement support, ensuring a smooth transition for our partners and the use of cutting-edge data analytics.