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Financial Strategy

Financial growth affects a variety of categories from shareholder returns, connecting financial and corporate strategy, and creating a compelling story for investors. Bainbridge will help you build your story, and tailor your financial planning to your strategic needs.

Top-Down Financial Transformation

From forecasting to achieving financial success, Bainbridge’s M&A team works within dozens of industries. We assess potential deals, conduct in-depth research, and perform financial forensics, providing comprehensive auditing and reporting across the value chain.

A Customized Approach for Your Strategic Needs

As an extension of your business development team, Bainbridge offers fresh intelligence through careful market assessments and business due diligence, creating a well-rounded investment strategy. Gathering fresh actionable intelligence straight from the source of competitors, customers and market experts is essential to foster informed investment decisions and strengthen your portfolio returns.

In today’s economic environment, it’s more important than ever to keep abreast of current market and competitive dynamics to continuously refine your investment thesis, to discover new, profitable strategies for your portfolio companies and to develop deep insight for your acquisition due diligence.

Improve Portfolio Company Performance

Are you looking to strengthen your current portfolio returns? Bainbridge offers both Competitive Intelligence and Customer Account Value Assessments (CAVA). Bainbridge will help you:

Gain insight
into competitive vulnerabilities and strengths.

Win more
customers and retain and grow with current customers.

Build growth
strategies based on a foundation of current market and competitive dynamics.

Client Benefits

Portfolio Analysis