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Bainbridge is a global organization with a historic portfolio of helping our partners achieve the same. We help you identify the rare business opportunities to expand internationally, with the help of our globally sourced team.

We keep a global pulse

Going global can be a daunting concept for domestic organizations who have reached their market capacity and need to grow. Expanding to international markets requires a full strategy plan, taking into consideration geopolitical, environmental, and cultural barriers to entry. Bainbridge not only has a global team but has expertise in new market entry and expanding new territories. 

The expansion to a new international boundary comes with legal and regional barriers, and most importantly, language discrepancies. Culture and language go hand-in-hand and common phrases and vernacular do not translate the same across languages. Bainbridge provides a highly competent language translation team that will ensure a smooth transition for our partners looking to expand across new regions.

Global In-House Team

Our specialized analysts, consultants, and advisors have experience driving strategy and growth in every major world region including North America, South and Central America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. With an in-house team of skilled global researchers and analysts from diverse backgrounds and fields of study, Bainbridge is uniquely positioned to capture valuable business insight in a target market’s native language, improving the quality, reliability, and depth of information. Foreign languages covered in-house by the Bainbridge team include:

  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • Portuguese 
  • Japanese
  • Hindi​
  • German​
  • French ​
  • Vietnamese​
  • And More​

Bainbridge Globalization Process Flow


Analyze Data

Bainbridge will analyze your unique project needs and goals


In-Depth Analysis

We perform an in-depth analysis that covers language assets, key stakeholders and regulators, and situational processes


Detailed Reports

Our globalization experts then construct a detailed report based on recommendations for that geographic region. Recommendations include designing, developing, and formulating a product from the onset that facilitates localization.


Translation of Content

From there, Bainbridge will assist in the translation of content and effective means to digitally advertise and build accreditation based on the organization’s current prowess in its current market.