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M&A | Private Equity

With a dedicated Capital Advisory business practice, Bainbridge is uniquely suited to assist you in your investment criteria and scope. With more than 20 years of industry wide experience, Bainbridge is your expert answer to proprietary dealflow.

Unprecedented Access to Off-Market Deal Flow

Bainbridge Capital Advisory is an award-winning and leading M&A firm with access to some of the most proprietary deal flow on the market. Thanks to our team of data and financial analysts, Bainbridge has expertise in over 40 countries. 

We approach our strategic acquisition projects through our proprietary research methods and in-depth company analysis, drawing on our Forbes-ranked strategic experiences. We have a leading Capital Advisory team that partners with leading PE Funds and works with them to identify viable acquisition targets. We leverage similar systems to assist Fortune 1000 clients with their acquisition criteria, development needs, and M&A searches.

Visit the Bainbridge Capital Advisory page to learn more about the Bainbridge process, past clients and success stories and see how we can help you achieve your M&A needs.

Understanding The Process

Primary & Secondary Source Research

Background analysis of strategic value proposition & targets.

Qualified Company Profiles & Introductions

Qualified company profiles and introductions are provided to client.

Data Sourcing and ML Scraping

Company RIP system is used to pull targets that match criteria.

Strategic Target Analysis

Analysis and vetting or target companies done by analyst team.

Omni-Channel Marketing

8-pronged marketing approach to establish contact with targets.

Acquisition Target Deal Flow

Strategic recommendations on acquisition and closing the deal.