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Research & Development

Innovation is a rapidly changing environment, that can leave you obsolete, or distract from your original scope by trying to constantly re-adapt. Bainbridge’s agile methodology allow for your scope and strategy to remain intact, while still implementing disruptive innovation.

Innovation Through Disruption

Bainbridge is an innovator and disruptor. We do our own R&D, identifying the barriers companies do not see and developing the solutions necessary for success. Because 30% of companies fail to move beyond the second of the four stages in the R&D process, we spot challenges ahead of time. These challenges include lack of funding, discontinuation, and poor tracking of metrics. We work with you, addressing and resolving each challenge in advance.

How Bainbridge Plans For Project Success

Macro Strategic planning

Bainbridge has built strategic planning into its deepest core competency. Identification, planning, and restructuring become the core focus before pursuing any further business development, R&D or any other major business undertaking.

Emphasis on ROI

At the end of the day, a product is only as valuable as the return that it provides. In some cases that return may be in a societal benefit, but in most business cases, it is the financial return on investment. Bainbridge constantly invokes an agile process that allows for constant internal alignment and refocus for the bottom line.

Progress Tracking

Performance measurement allows for process improvement, and ultimately more efficient execution. Bainbridge utilizes a series of different metrics to track financial KPI’s, an overarching balance scorecard which takes into consideration market performance and resource management, and the functional nature of the project, tracking time, schedules/cost variance, design implications, and capacity load. We provide the predictive and real time metrics you need to keep your project on track.

Innovation Through Agility & Iteration

Agility is necessary to keep up with the rapid implementation of working features. Frequent build outs can cause a backlog of defects. Bainbridge is an agile organization, where sprints produce actionable deliverables, motivating teams, key stake holders and producing an overall high-quality product with a shorter turnaround. Feedback is crucial for scope alignment and forward momentum, and Bainbridge’s agile approach provides the structure for that momentum.

Technology Simplification vs. Overcompensation

Technology is updated every day, and by design is impossible to rely on solely. Without proper business planning and strategy, even the most innovative technology can, and has failed throughout history. Analysis paralysis is a very common problem with those closest to the technology, and a result develop a bias for what the actual success factors are for a project. We work diligently to consider the bottom line and within the scope of the efficiency of the goals set.

Clear objectives

The focus for any project should always be on the original hypothesis for the problem being solved. What is the problem, and how exactly are we planning to solve that need/issue? Ideas, while vital to the core of innovation, can also detract a project from its original mission. Steering ideas, and aligning them to the objects, is part of the core model of how Bainbridge guarantees projects’ timelines and success rates.

The Team Approach & Project Management

Technology is only as good as the team and organization supporting it, as well as how it integrates into the overall strategy of the business to not only build it, but successfully implement it as well. Managing innovation projects is not a simple task that any manager can take on. Bainbridge has a proven track record, internally and externally, launching new technology ventures that succeed in innovation, disruption and as well as planning, the core of how any project succeeds.

Strategic Partnerships

Bainbridge is uniquely positioned in its ability to provide project support, especially in terms of financial resources and technology development. Bainbridge has a dedicated Capital Advisory arm that works with leading funds and venture partners to invest in new projects and create growth opportunities. Bainbridge is also a leading innovator in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and other software development.