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A constant stream of innovation that started at MIT. The forefront of Data Aggregation to define a strategic approach to solving complex business problems.

Constant Disruption

Bainbridge incorporates technology to automate client projects and processes. Our engineers and scientists connect strategy and technology, based on our proprietary data science system. From AI to machine learning, our data-centric approach is fast, responsive, and effective.

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Data Analysis & Scope Adjustments

IT consultants include a vast array of experts that work within many different areas, all of which may help a business better leverage their IT infrastructure.

Typically, IT consultants are split into two groups:

Upgrading/Change: These consultants are concerned with IT change management, and work with changing the IT systems of a business for the sake of bettering their capacities. This includes upgrading to cloud systems, migrating data, replacing legacy systems, bringing in advantaged technological systems like Blockchain technology or Big Data analytics engines, and more.

Non-upgrading/Maintenance: Other IT consultants are, broadly speaking, not associated with changing the IT infrastructure of the business per se, but are usually hired to optimize existing systems in some way. This includes software engineers brought in to do a specific type of coding project, security testers meant to ensure that a company’s systems cannot be hacked, technicians hired to carry out a tricky or complex fix on IT components, or strategically designing a blueprint for a robust company Mobile app.