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Our Team

Bainbridge is a team of disruptors, innovators and most importantly, executors. While every member of our team has unique skillsets, everyone is equipped with the Bainbridge toolbox for success.

Global Reach

With an in-house team of skilled global researchers and analysts from diverse backgrounds, Bainbridge is well positioned to capture valuable business insight in a target market’s native language, improving the quality, reliability and depth of information.

Our research team has demonstrated expertise and success in gathering valuable information from sources in the toughest to reach corners of Asia Pacific, Europe, Australia NZ and Latin America. Our firm is a network of individuals and practices led not by one person, but by our entire professional group. Our principals reside internationally from California, New York, and Latin America, to Europe and Asia.

Stemming from a foundation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, our leadership team expanded and followed the principle that leadership of a professional services firm begins with the most junior employee who is client facing and in the market. From this philosophical foundation, we now have a corporate structure where the analysts lead and the senior professionals coach and mentor. This unique philosophy leads to incredible synergies and outcomes in a people-based organization.

Our people make our organization what it is. We work dedicatedly alongside your team to ensure we exceed client expectations at all times.


An Immediate Extension of Your Team

Bainbridge leadership recognizes that we are not a corporation tied to earnings pressures, but a firm free to take a long-term perspective on issues like expansion and client service. Leadership in the firm is not about rising above the rest but helping others – our professionals and our clients – to exceed their own expectations. Without a commitment to collaboration, we would not have achieved the success across the forty industries of expertise that we have built. We work with our clients, and our teams, diligently, to provide on-going updates, agile strategy shifts, and most importantly, incorporate feedback. Communication is a key area that we stress with our clients, and something that is a value add to the process. Internally, our teams work cross functionally, across multiple departments and even more subverticals, to provide a holistic view of a strategy or problems. Collaboration is the cornerstone of our growth at Bainbridge, and to those who join our team and new members, find themselves surrounded by a wealth of information that they have immediate access to.


High Growth Requires Fast Paced Agile Strategy, Automation & Digitization

As we have seen in the past two-years specifically, growth is not a strategy that can be developed overnight. Bainbridge has been working with our clients for more than here-decades to develop strategic growth initiatives that take place over time. While the results of our strategic implementation can be seen in optimal time, we consider the longitude of where that strategy will lead to in the future. We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate inhouse and offer those same services, platforms, and development teams, to our partners. We know that there is no cookie cutter strategy, and we work diligently with our partners to develop a custom plan, built around their goals and initiatives, and even more importantly, around the processes where we see room for automation and digital transformation. We have a finger on the pulse of your industry, and we know how to use those insights to create consistent growth and leading industry disruption. Do you want to be at the forefront of growth within your industry? Bainbridge has the custom solution you are looking for.

Culture & Diversity

Your Strategy Should include Your People

Our long history of innovation in strategic development extends far beyond technology. People are the core of any business model, and without those people, businesses fail. Just as there is no single strategy that works for every organization, the same should be viewed for culture and diversity in the workplace. From its early beginning, Bainbridge has always been a global platform, strategizing for international partners. Without the help of our global recruiting, and our ability to expand the culture of our internal team, we would not be able to successfully deliver insights, trends, and key decision makers from more than 40 industries across the world.

In order to be the disruptors, we are, Bainbridge welcomes the global perspective our team and clients bring to the table. At our core, we are centered around growth, and not just the growth of our partners. We are committed to building extraordinary teams, that go above the call to action, and provide the reach we need to better understand the world around us, our partners, and the changing landscapes of business. We hire based on talent, potential, and willingness to learn, a willingness we also incorporate at the executive level to learn from our growing teams.


Join Us

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